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The Engineering Center workshop begins with an introduction to the CB Range of BACnet controllers including installation, configuration and programming of the CBT12iVAV, CBT12, CBM plant controller, and CBR BACnet router.

Upon Completion

After the successful completion of the class, each student will be able to do the following:

  • Select the appropriate CBM or CBT controller for the Application Configure the communications parameter for the CBM and CBT controllers
  • Configure the I/O on the CBM and CBT Controllers
  • Develop Strategies to follow defined sequence of operations
  • Test and deploy sequences to the controllers
  • Upgrade Firmware and preform online trouble shooting

Day 1

Section 1 - Introduction to AAM/Cylon Energy  
Cylon Energy Introduction to AAM/Cylon Energy  
  eBuilding/Cylon Architecture  
  BOWS Architecture  
  Presentation of AspectFT  
Section 2 - New Hardware Introduction  
Cylon Controllers BACnet Router  
  CBM Plant Controllers  
  CBT Unitary Controllers  
  CBT iVAV Controller  
  Wiring Considerations  
Section 3 - Cylon Engineering Centre Setup  
Engineering Centre Installing Software  
  Communications Setup  
  Setting up a User Account  
  Creating a Site / Adding Devices  
  Class Exercise 1  
Section 4 - Controller Configuration  
Cylon Controllers Controller Addressing  
  Configure BACnet Properties  
  Configure BACnet Points  
  Optimizing BACnet Communications  
  Controller Download  
  Setting Date & Time  
  Class Exercise 2  

Day 2

Section 5 - Introduction to Building Strategy Sequences  
Programming What is a Strategy  
  Strategy Modules  
  Configuring I/O  
  Linking Blocks  
  Copying Strategies  
  Commenting Strategy Using Text  
  Live Log and Scan  
  Class Exercise 3  
Section 6 - Setting Up A CBR  
CBR Configuration Configuring the CBR  
  Review of Home Page Settings  
  Setting up BBMD  
  System Page  
Section 7 - Communicating with Field Devices Through Network  
Engineering Center Review of setting BACnet IP settings within UEC  
  Settuing up site for BACnet IP communications  
  Downloading strategies over network via BACnet IP  
Section 8 - Review of Programming Continued  
Engineering Center Additional Modules  
  Common HVAC control sequences  
  BACnet trends, schedules, and alarms  
  Globals (peer-to-peer communication)  
  Third-party BACnet module  
  Priority Array module  
  Class Exercise 4  

Day 3

Section 9 - CCBackup, Site Organizer, and BACnet Discovery  
Engineering Center CBR Backup/Restore  
  Making Site Backup  
  Restoring Site  
  Upgrading Firmware utilizing site organizer  
  Upgrading Firmware through command prompt  
  BACnet Discovery utilizing the UEC  
Section 10 - Review of CBT12iVAV  
CBT12iVAV Using decoder to determine box type  
  Using Netlink to set controller configuration  
  Using Netlink to test and balance  
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