• Successful completion of BACnet workshops or have applicable controller experience (qualified by the instructor)
  • Experience using Microsoft Windows
  • Experience using Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Knowledge of networking with regards to IP addressing and configuration of network components of Windows

The Aspect Basic workshop begins with the introduction module preparing the student for a successful completion leading to certification at the end of the workshop.

The initial modules are packed with substantive material which introduces the Aspect Family of Products and discuses the many different architecture options available with the Aspect Family of products, covers the Aspect device hardware, software, installation and licensing as well as Aspect-Studio installation and feature set.

The workshop concludes with best practices for creating efficient projects, how to prepare the project for engineering using Map Topology, using templates, HTML5, UI, Map point elements, audit trail, security, modbus, FTNet, MySQL, alarming and trending in the HTML 5 UI, iCalendar scheduling, and vSTAT, application.

Some of the real-world applications and components covered in the workshop include a heat pump, boiler, air handler (including animated supply fan and heating coil), VAV (including animated damper), and a navigation component.

At the end of the workshop, the students are given a copy of the projects they created in the workshop, sample projects created by the AAM Engineering team, product manuals, and other useful files on a USB drive.

Upon Completion

After the successful completion of the class, each student will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the Aspect Family of products architectural solutions
  • Recognize how to implement each of the solutions for the appropriate installation
  • Configure the Aspect-Matrix MAX and Aspect-Nexus to communicate to controllers
  • Create a project, which includes HTML5 UI, block-based program, alarm, trend and schedule applications and components
  • Understand the importance of creating component libraries
  • Simulate and test projects for functionality
  • Deploy projects to Aspect targets and navigate to HTML5 and/or graphics
Workshop Outline
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