Touchscreen Displays

Touchscreen Displays

The Touchscreen small displays provide a compact, addressable network display interface solution for a variety of applications. Available in three models, each device enables users to quickly monitor their system and easily make changes to the way their building is controlled.

Each wall-mounted device has a touch-screen operator interface with permission based menu icons, allowing simple navigation to read and write values, view alarms, grouped data, and point descriptions.

The SBC-SD connects to BACnet MS/TP networks, can automatically display and modify up to 150 BACnet object properties, and conforms to BACnet MS/TP Lan standards.

For a detailed breakdown on each device, please follow the links below.

SBC-SD Datasheet


  • Able to automatically display and modify up to 150 BACnet object properties
  • Can manually address, view and modify any primitive data points on the BACnet network
  • 50 configurable data screens containing live BACnet network data and/or hyper-links to other data screens allow unique point groupings
  • 12-bit color, 480 x 272 pixel TFT-based touchscreen local user interface for data display and modification
  • Conforms to BACnet MS/TP LAN Standard
  • Configurable header information
  • Multi-tiered icon driven screen navigation
  • Available "Home Screen", adaptable to display frequently viewed or accessed data
  • Intuitive Screen Calibration
  • Multi-level numeric password-based access protection
  • Able to "sniff" network traffic, store and display up to 128 notification or summary alarms
  • Flash program upgradeable through use of standard SD/MMC card port
  • Standard text representation of specified events
  • Programmable display dimming functions to protect against image burn
  • Non-volatile memory stored on the NB-SD for back-up and cloning over the network
  • Configured using Windows-based API-PRO configuration utility via the MS/TP network or SD card
  • Up to 16 linked BACnet schedules and calendars (8 each)
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