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American Auto-Matrix's SBC-STAT sensors are ergonomically designed, two-wire polarity insensitive “smart” sensors. SBC-STAT’s are designed in multiple variations to ensure the flexibility you need to monitor zone temperature, modify setpoints, and control parameters in your facilities.

SBC-STAT Datasheet


Programmable Graphical Capabilities
  • Display up to 40 unique controller values
  • Display up to 5 custom logos
  • Automatically scroll through display sequences
  • Display up to 8 points and 9 hours of trend data from anywhere on the system with the SBC-STAT3
Cost and Time-Effective Installation
  • Two-piece design with easy-to-mount backplate
  • Polarity insensitive wiring for error-free installation
  • Effortless Upgradeability : Just change the faceplate
  • No software configuration required
State-of-the-Art Engineering
  • STATbus technology does not consume physical I/O
  • Only 2 wires needed to carry both power and communication signals
  • Multi-color LED for status indication
  • Optional connectivity kit for easy access to BACnet MS/TP or PUP networks
  • Connect up to 4 SBC-STATs to one unitary controller
  • Humidity Sensors with an accuracy of +/- 2%
  • Software Addressable
System Air Balancing
  • One-step air balancing through the STAT3 with no other software tools required
  • Saves time and money during the commissioning process
  • Can be used as a handheld air balancing interface



The ultimate choice for room monitoring and control, these smart sensors are designed with complete functionality.

Customize and program logos to create the seamless look and feel you require for specific job sites; make air balancing a breeze, by using the STAT3 as a handheld configuration too.

The SBC-STAT2 and 2D offer limited end-user control through two push buttons that allow for adjustment of setpoints and force occupancy override.

System notifications are indicated by the LED in the upper left-hand corner. SBC-STAT2s are great for any location in a building that requires limited user interaction combined with quality control.

These direct digital room sensors are perfect for any area that does not require direct user interface, but needs accurate sensing capabilities.

The completely white faceplate makes for inconspicuous installations that help prevent unwanted tampering
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