SBC-ASCe : PUP Application Specific Controller

PUP Application Specific Controller

The SBC-ASCe is an applicable selectable controller able to be employed in generic and light-duty custom control applications using one of three available modes (Rooftop, Heatpump, and Multi-speed Fancoil). In stand-alone or networked environments, the SBC-ASCe can be programmed to operate on independent platforms or in existing enterprise applications.

Unique programming in the ASCe allows users to modify the controller for several pre-configured applications. Using flash memory upgrades, the controller can be configured for typical heat pump multi-speed fancoil, or rooftop unit installations.


  • PUP network protocol over EIA-485
  • Can be field-flash configured for Rooftop, Heatpump, or Multi-speed Fancoil profile applications
  • Can be used in stand-alone or network applications
  • Easy configuration/over-the-network firmware updates via SoloPro
  • Dedicated (separate from on-board I/O) Zone Sensor Input connection for SBC-STATs via STATbus
  • Real-time clock included with SBC-ASC(e) devices
  • Devices can be implemented in sequences that may not require Discharge Air Temperature (DAT) or Outside Air Temperature (OAT) readings
  • Available PID and Control Loop applications for output control sequences such as valve control and analog signal control
  • Outside Air Temperature based Economizer control available
  • Configurable Interlocking for Fan Failure applications


Digital Outputs - Triac 0
Digital Outputs - Relay 5
Analog Outputs 4
Universal Inputs 5
Optically Isolated Digital Inputs 1


General Specifications
Processor high speed 16-bit processor
Terminations pluggable blocks for inputs, outputs, power and network connection
Baud Rates 9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 57.6, 76.8, 115.2 (kbps)
Input Supply 24 VAC 50/60 Hz 10VA max, 5VA typical, 5A fuse load protection
Transformer NEC Class II
Operating & Storage Conditions
Operating Temperature 41˚ F to 151˚ F (5˚ C to 50˚ C)
Relative Humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing, 40% to 60% recommended
Storage Temperature -40˚ to 151˚ F (-40˚ to 66˚ C)
Dimensions & Mounting
Dimensions 5.5" x 4.7" x .9" inches / .84 lbs (not including shipping material)
Mounting flat surface with screws
Agency Approvals
Complies with CE directives and standards
FCC - Class B Computing Device
UL Listed 916 - Management Equipment, Energy (PAZX)
(724) 733-2000
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