NB-Series Commissioning Software

NB-Pro is a stand-alone software package and commissioning tool that for the NB Series of BACnet controllers as well as 3rd-party BACnet MS/TP devices. Utilizing standard point-and-click navigation, NB-Pro displays device objects and properties in a concise environment easily understandable to any user.

NB-Pro connects to a BACnet MS/TP network via NB-Link – a BACnet MS/TP device designed for managing time-crucial communications between the user interface and the BACnet network.

Features & Overview

  • Commissioning and flash updating accomplished through IP or serial communications (AspectFT-Matrix, NB-Link)
  • Fully programmable and flexible, PUP Network over EIA-485
  • Flash firmware updates to AAM Native Series devices with built-in flash utilities
  • SPL Editor used to create and compile custom application sequences for NB-GPC devices and MatrixBBC
  • Comprehensive list of Object and Property References for all NB Series BACnet devices
  • Manual Read / Write feature allows users to access proprietary properties of device programs, as well as third party BACnet devices
  • Archival of NB Series device programming via capture utilities
  • Report generation features which allow users to create configuration reports from capture files
  • Configuration management of NB-Link communications device
  • Intuitive utilities such as Trend Viewer, Alarm Viewer, and BACnet Error Viewer for advanced troubleshooting & commissioning readings
  • Group screens allow the user to monitor a collection of related properties from different controllers in a single window

System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements
Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Software Java 2 Runtime Environment (1.3 or higher)
Browser Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
USB Port for License key (dongle)
NB-Link Required for Serial Communications
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