Engineering Center

Engineering Centre

BACnet Development Software

Engineering Center is a set of Windows-based software applications that allows all aspects of the CB Series of BACnet controllers and sites to be configured, engineered, and commissioned. With the user-friendly, graphical programming interface, users can easily create controller strategies, define site layouts, configure global communication between controllers, and more.

Features & Overview

  • On-Line Programming
    The Engineering Center can be operated in an 'Online' automatic downloading mode. In this mode any changes made to a strategy drawing are immediately sent to the controllers - allowing the site to be engineered in real time, and changes to become instantly effective
  • Pre-built Applications
    A library of complete applications is provided for Heating Systems and AHU Systems that can be used as a basis to rapidly develop specific control strategies. Instead of having to develop strategies from a blank canvas for these systems, use a one of the Pre-Built Applications as is or tweak to your project specific requirements.
  • System Monitoring
    Select points to be alarmed and define the alarm state. Automatically store logged controller data, alarm data etc. (Reports). Define archiving options including archive time and archive frequency. Configure time schedules for all communication controllers and their underlying field control devices.
  • Controller Strategies
    With the proper credentials, engineers can create/delete/modify control strategies, tune control loops through the adjustment of parameters, generate hard copy records or control strategies on a printer, and select points to be trended over a period of time and initiate the recording of values automatically
  • Macros Facility
    Groups of strategy blocks can be grouped together, allowing the reuse of standard sub-strategies, which can be inserted in multiple strategies as macros. A macro appears as a strategy block, but right-clicking on the block displays it's details. A powerful Macro Manager is provided to organize libraries of available macros.
Macros Facility
  • Real-time Scanning
    Point values can be displayed in real-time on the Strategy drawing. The 'flow' of the strategy can be monitored, making troubleshooting quick and easy.

System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements
Operating System Windows 10 Professional 64-bit & Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/ Ultimate 64-bit.
Hardware Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD (or greater)
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