CBV-2U4-3T (-N)


BACnet Controller w/ Actuator

The CBV-2U4-3T and CBV-2U4-3T-N are BTL Listed BACnet® Advanced Application Controllers (BACC) with 2 Uniputs™, 4 Universal Inputs and 3 Digital (Triac) Outputs, an integrated airflow sensor and actuator (CBV-2U4-3T only). The -N variant has a facility for connection to an external actuator.  The CBV Series is part of Cylon's CB Line of controllers.  The new VAV controllers are designed to work as part of Cylon's dual-platform offering and can be used as a field level BACnet® MS/TP controllers for the ASPECT® Control Engine (Matrix and Nexus) or Integra N4 (IT-8000).

Application & Features

The fully programmable CBV-2U4-3T and CBV-2U4-3T-N controllers are designed to control any variable air volume box application with the pre-loaded and configurable application library shipped from the factory pre-programmed into the controllers. Pre-engineered applications are available in Imperial and Metric.  Custom strategies can be programmed using CXproHD.

The CBV-2U4-3T features 2 UniPutsTM, 4 Universal Inputs, 3 Digital (Triac) Outputs, 1 on-board Airflow Sensor and an integrated Belimo Actuator with brushless DC motor.  The CBV-2U4-3T can be used in new building or retrofit applications.

The CBV-2U4-3T-N features 2 UniPutsTM, 4 Universal Inputs, 3 Digital (Triac) Outputs and 1 on-board Airflow Sensor.  The CBV-2U4-3T-N can be used in retrofit building applications to help reduce cost by reusing existing actuators.

With the CBV-2U4-3T and CBV-2U4-3T-N controllers you can add demand ventilation applications, and occupancy sensors or lighting control to further enhance energy savings.

Product Applications Include:

  • Cooling only
  • Cooling with Reheat
  • Cooling with Reheat and Perimeter Radiation
  • Series fan VAV
  • Parallel fan VAV
  • Dump box
  • Room pressurization

Other Product Features Include:

  • Uses the Cylon Auto-Matrix new CXproHD programming and commissioning software tool
  • BACnet® MS/TP Fieldbus
  • Supports the following configurable BACnet® objects: AI/BI/AO/BO/AV/BV, Alarms, Trend Logs, and Schedules
  • Integrated Pressure Sensor
  • 2 UniPuts™, 4 Universal Inputs, and 3 Digital (Triac) Outputs
  • Integrated Actuator (CBV-2U4-3T) / External Actuator support (CBV-2U4-3T-N)
  • Up to 500 Strategy Blocks
  • Up to 6 Trendlogs
  • 1024 Entries per Trendlog
  • Data Security - Strategy and Set points backed up in flash
  • No Hardware I/O Jumpers


  • Highly Flexible
    With the CBV-2U4-3T and CBV-2U4-3T-N, you can add a demand ventilation application, occupancy sensors, or lighting control to further enhance your energy savings. Unlike other controllers, it can be re-engineered for specific applications over BACnet, providing a fully programmable solution to meet the needs of the most demanding control applications.
  • Smart Energy Control
    The enhanced flexibility of Cylon Auto-Matrix controllers delivers more energy efficient solutions for buildings. With smart energy optimization built-in, your building manager can successfully drive down energy costs.
  • Cylon Auto-Matrix BACnet® BAS
    The Cylon Auto-Matrix BACnet® range offers reduced costs in terms of training, implementation, rollout and maintenance. Modular, extendible packages along with low installation costs mean a low entry point for building control.

The CBV-2U4-3T and CBV-2U4-3T-N replaces the CBT-12iVAV.  The CBT-12iVAV products will be available on a first come, first served, basis until existing inventory has been exhausted and then will be discontinued.

The CBV Series is an upgrade to the NB-VAV Series and can replace most of the NB-VAV Controllers.


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