CBV-2U4-3T (-N)

 CAM CBV 2U4 3T N 11x

BACnet Controller w/ Actuator

The CBV-2U4-3T and CBV-2U4-3T-N are BTL Listed BACnet® Advanced Application Controllers (BACC) with 2 Uniputs™, 4 Universal Inputs and 3 Digital (Triac) Outputs, an integrated airflow sensor and actuator (CBV-2U4-3T only). The -N variant has a facility for connection to an external actuator.  The CBV Series is part of Cylon's CB LINE of controllers.The new VAV controllers are designed to work as part of Cylon's dual-platform offering and can be used as a field level BACnet MS/TP controllers for the ASPECT® Control Engine ( (MATRIX and NEXUS) or INTEGRA IT-8000.

Application & Features

The fully programmable CBV-2U4-3T and CBV-2U4-3T-N controllers are designed to control any variable air volume box application with the pre-loaded and configurable application library shipped from the factory pre-programmed into the controllers. Pre-engineered applications are available in Imperial and Metric.  Custom strategies can be programmed using CXproHD.

The CBV-2U4-3T features 2 UniPuts, 4 Universal Inputs, 3 Digital (Triac) Outputs, 1 on-board Airflow Sensor and an integrated Belimo Actuator with brushless DC motor.  The CBV-2U4-3T can be used in new building or retrofit applications.

The CBV-2U4-3T-N features 2 UniPuts, 4 Universal Inputs, 3 Digital (Triac) Outputs and 1 on-board Airflow Sensor.  The CBV-2U4-3T-N can be used in retrofit building applications to help reduce cost by reusing existing actuators.

With the CBV-2U4-3T and CBV-2U4-3T-N controllers you can add demand ventilation applications, and occupancy sensors or lighting control to further enhance energy savings.

Product Applications Include:

  • Cooling only
  • Cooling with Reheat
  • Cooling with Reheat and Perimeter Radiation
  • Series fan VAV
  • Parallel fan VAV
  • Dump box
  • Room pressurization

Other Product Features Include:

  • Uses CXproHD programming and commissioning software tool
  • BACnet MS/TP Fieldbus
  • Supports the following configurable BACnet objects: AI/BI/AO/BO/AV/BV, Alarms, Trend Logs, and Schedules
  • Integrated Pressure Sensor
  • 2 UniPuts, 4 Universal Inputs, and 3 Digital (Triac) Outputs
  • Integrated Actuator CBV-2U4-3T/ External Actuator support CBV-2U4-3T
  • Up to 500 Strategy Blocks
  • Up to 6 Trendlogs
  • 1024 Entries per Trendlog
  • Data Security - Strategy and Set points backed up in flash
  • No Hardware I/O Jumpers


  • Highly Flexible
    With the CBV-2U4-3T and CBV-2U4-3T-N, you can add a demand ventilation application, occupancy sensors, or lighting control to further enhance your energy savings. Unlike other controllers, it can be re-engineered for specific applications over BACnet, providing a fully programmable solution to meet the needs of the most demanding control applications.

  • Smart Energy Control
    The enhanced flexibility of Cylon controllers delivers more energy efficient solutions for buildings. With smart energy optimization built-in, your building manager can successfully drive down energy costs.

  • Cylon BACnet BAS
    The Cylon BACnet range offers reduced costs in terms of training, implementation, rollout and maintenance. Modular, extendible packages along with low installation costs mean a low entry point for building control.

The CBV-2U4-3T and CBV-2U4-3T-N replaces the CBT-12iVAV.  The CBT-12iVAV products will be available on a first come, first served, basis until existing inventory has been exhausted and then will be discontinued.

The CBV Series is an upgrade to the NB-VAV Series and can replace most of the NB-VAV Controllers.

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