CBT12 : BACnet Advanced Application Controller

BACnet Advanced Application Controller

The CBT12 is a BACnet Advanced Application Controller with 4 inputs and 8 outputs, and is ideally suited to control single items of equipment.


  • The BACnet Controller of Choice
    This native BACnet controller is a truly open solution for the most demanding of applications. American Auto-Matrix BACnet controllers offer unparalleled flexibility and performance on an open platform. The system can easily be extended by adding best of breed 3rd-party devices on the same BACnet MS/TP network.
  • Highly Flexible
    The CBT12 and CBT12iVAV are fully programmable to meet the needs of the most demanding control applications. Unlike others, the controllers can be re-engineered for specific applications over BACnet.
  • Smart Energy Control
    The enhanced flexibility of American Auto-Matrix controllers deliver more energy efficient solutions for buildings. With smart energy optimization built-in, your building manager can successfully drive down energy costs.

    With the CBT12iVAV, you can add a demand ventilation application, occupancy sensors, or lighting control to further enhance your energy savings. With the CBT12, you can add user setpoint adjustments, room occupancy sensors, or window contacts.

  • American Auto-Matrix BACnet BAS
    The American Auto-Matrix BACnet range offers reduced costs in terms of training, implementation, rollout and maintenance. Modular, extendible packages along with low installation costs mean a low entry point for building control.


  • BACnet MS/TP Fieldbus
  • Supports the following Configurable BACnet Objects
    AI / BI / BO / AV / BV, Alarms, Trend Logs, and Schedules
  • 4 Universal Inputs
    Can be configured as analog or digital
  • 4 UniPut with Triac Outputs
    Can be configured as analog / digital outputs or voltage inputs
  • Up to 8 Triac Outputs
  • Integrated Pressure Sensor
    Can measure differential pressure directly without need for separate sensor. The measured value is converted to airflow rate by the controller's strategy
  • 1024 Entries per Trendlog
  • Data Security
    Strategy and setpoints backed up in flash
  • 500 Strategy Blocks
  • Up to 4 Trendlogs


Processor  STM32F103ZTE6 32-bit
Clock Speed 8 Mhz Crystal, 72 Mhz internal processor clock rate
System Memory (soldered to PCB) 512k Flash, 64k SRAM internal to processor, 1024k SRAM external
Supply Requirements 24 VAC +10% / –20% 50/60 Hz
Transformer Rating Up to 55 VA
(up to 12 VA internal power plus up to 43 VA supplied to Triac loads)
Termination PCB-mounted plug terminal connections
Conductor Area Max : AWG 12 (3.09 mm2) Min : AWG 22 (0.355 mm2)
Temperature & Humidity 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C) ambient 0-90% RH non-condensing
EMC Immunity / Emission EN 55024, 2010 / EN 55002, 2010 Class A
Approvals UL Listed (CDN & US)
UL 916 Energy Management Equipment
File Number E176435
Additional Info
Size 5.1" x 5.1" x 1.7" (145 x 130 x 45 mm)
Enclosure Injection-molded ABS
Mounting (DIN rail)
Airflow Sensor User rubber hose suitable for a 0.2" (5.1 mm) O.D. nozzle
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