CBT 3T6 5R

14-Point BACnet® Advanced Application Controller

The CBT-3T6-5R is a freely programmable BACnet Unitary Controller with native MS/TP communications support, and is ideally suited for Rooftop HVAC units, Fan Coil Units, Heat Pumps, Unit Ventilators, and Custom Unitary Equipment control. Part of Cylon's CB LINE of BACnet field controllers, the CBT-3T6-5R provides 3 UniPuts™ with Triac (configurable as inputs or outputs), 6 Universal Inputs, 5 Digital (Relay) Outputs and a dedicated input for Cylon’s CBT-STAT.

The CBT-3T6-5R is suitable for controlling a variety of small to medium sized HVAC equipment such as:

  • Rooftop Units
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Heat Pumps
  • Unit Ventilators
  • Custom Unitary Equipment

The HVAC field controller accommodates available pre-engineered strategies or can be tailored to custom applications using the CXproHD programming software.


CBT-3T6-5R features include:

    • Up to 500 Strategy Blocks
    • Up to 6 Trendlogs
    • 1024 entries per Trendlog
    • Data security with strategy setpoints backed up in Flash
    • Custom Unitary Equipment
  • Unique Flexibility with UniPuts
    The CBT-3T6-5R controller offers UniPuts; a revolutionary answer to flexible point configuration that allows points on the controller to be configured as an input or output, maximizing flexibility relative to programming changes as well as point capacity on the controller and utilizing less space in the enclosure.

  • Cost-Effective, Low Entry Point for Building Control
    CBT-3T6-5R range of terminal equipment controllers offers reduced cost in terms of implementation, training, rollout, and maintenance. Modular, extendible packages along with low installation cost means a low entry point for building control. The pre-loaded rooftop and heat pump strategies can decrease project engineering and installation time. These strategies link to pre-configured graphics in the Cylon award-winning ASPECT® API, further reducing your development and deployment time.

  • Highly Programmable & Extendable via Web-Enabled HVAC Technology
    The CBT-3T6-5R terminal equipment controller is built on an advanced web-based 32-bit architecture. It is shipped pre-loaded with a multitude of powerful and flexible strategies, but it is also fully programmable to meet your most demanding building automation needs. With built-in diagnostics, expanded data logging, and strategy storage it offers the flexibility of being a stand-alone or network enabled controllers


  • BTL listed as BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC)
  • BACnet MS/TP Fieldbus supporting: AI/AO/BI/BO/AV/BV, Trend Logs, and Schedules
  • 3 UniPuts; with Triac configured as analog/digital outputs or voltage inputs along with 
    • Triac functionality that can switch the low side of a 24 V/AC load
  • 6 Universal Inputs that can be configured as analog or digital inputs with pulse counting on the 6th input. 
  • 5 Digital (Relay) Outputs 
    • 3 of the Relay Outputs can switch up to 240 V/AC 
    • 2 outputs can switch up to 24 V/AC
  • Cylon Intelligent Room Sensor support for CBT-STAT
  • Up to 500 strategy blocks
  • Data security with strategy and setpoints backed up in Flash
  • No hardware I/O jumpers - Hardware points are automatically configured by the downloaded strategy


Processor  STM32F103ZET6 32bit processor
Clock Speed 8 Mhz Crystal, 72 Mhz internal processor clock rate
System Memory (soldered to PCB) 1024KB flash, 64KB SRAM internal to processor, 1MB external SRAM
Supply Requirements 24 VAC +15%/-20% 50/60 Hz
Transformer Rating Up to 10 VA
Termination I/O & Comms: Grey Pluggable PCB mounted screw terminal connections
24 VAC Power: Green Pluggable PCB mounted screw terminal connections
230 VAC Relay: Green PCB mounted screw terminal connections. These are not pluggable
Conductor Area Max: AWG 12 (3.09 mm2) Min: AWG 22 (0.355 mm2)
Temperature & Humidity 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C) ambient 0-90% RH non-condensing
EMC Immunity / Emission EN 61326-1 / EN 61326-1
Approvals UL Listed (CDN & US)
UL 916 Energy Management Equipment
File Number E176435
Safety EN 60730-1:2011
Additional Info
Size 5.1" x 5.1" x 1.7" (145 x 130 x 45 mm)
Enclosure Injection-molded ABS
Mounting (DIN rail)
(724) 733-2000
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