Field Controllers

CAM CBV 2U4 3T 11x


BACnet® Controller w/ Actuator

The new BTL Listed BACnet® Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC) VAV controllers are designed to work as part of Cylon's dual-platform offering and can be used as a field level BACnet® MS/TP controllers for the ASPECT® Control Engine (Matrix and Nexus) or Integra N4 (IT-8000).
CBT 3T6 5R


CBT Series

The CBT-3T6-5R BACnet® advanced application controller is best for rooftop HVAC units, small air handling units, heat pumps, and fan coil units.

img CBXi8R8 CBXi 8R8 H

CBXi-8R8 and CBXi-8R8-H

CBXi Series

CBXi-8R8 and CBXi-8R8-H are fully programmable IP based controllers support routing for BACnet® MS/TP and integration support for both Modbus® TCP or Modbus® RTU without the use of additional gateways.

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img cbx 8r8 product page image small

CBX-8R8 (-H)

The new CBX Series (BACnet Expansion Series)

Provides a flexible and expandable building energy management solution for intelligent control of HVAC equipment, lighting control and electrical systems including metering applications.

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FLX-4R4 (-H)

FLX Series 

FLX-4R4 (-H) is an eXpansion module to the CBX Series of Controllers. FLX-4R4 features 4 UniPuts™ with Relay and 4 Universal Inputs.

FLX-8R8 (-H)

FLX Series

FLX-8R8 (-H) is an eXpansion module to the CBX Series of Controllers. FLX-8R8 provides 8 UniPuts™ with Relay and 8 Universal Inputs.


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FLX Series

FLX-16DI is an eXpansion module to the CBX Series of Controllers.  FLX-16DI offers 16 Digital inputs.



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