ASPECT® Development Software

ASPECT®-Studio provides a graphical programming tool experience like no other. Acting as an integrated development environment for ASPECT products, ASPECT-Studio contains a complete library of logical and graphical widgets that are used to engineer a complete area control and graphical user interface solution.

Using this highly intuitive software environment, users create and define all necessary elements for a project – including network device and point programming, global control sequencing, historical trending, alarming, scheduling, as well as rich graphical user interface pages. Rapid engineering capabilities can be leveraged to minimize labor intensive steps. This includes mass editing options, CSV import and export of networked devices and points, and the ability to create custom Device and Point templates.

CXproᴴᴰ can now be launched from any Device or Point that has been imported to ASPECT.

As a Project is created, you have the ability to evaluate your work through each step of the engineering phase using simulated data, as well as the ability to communicate with defined networks, devices and their associated points. Complete testing prior to the deployment of a project can also be performed using a local simulation of the Aspect environment. At commissioning time, ASPECT-Studio reduces labor for technicians by automatically generating an HTML5 user interface for all defined network devices, allowing smart phone and tablet users to gain access to the energy management system.

Features & Overview

  • Complete Library of Elements
    Supplied elements includes more than 300 pre-defined functions across multiple categories, including: Logic, Math, Time, as well as specialized functions for database, and protocol specific capabilities

    Complete library of design-based widgets for interacting with data from the energy management system

  • Powerful Simulation Environment
    One-click toggle between simulated data and live data; generic or user-defined data at a per-point basis if desired

    Work with live data from the energy management system during engineering when needed. Test your work in a localized version of ASPECT prior to full deployment

  • Support For JavaScript
    Client-side based JavaScript line-by-line programming support provides an alternative approach for complex sequences Leverage existing knowledge of JavaScript logic within your staff to create unique sequences
  • Rapid Engineering Capabilities
    Perform mass editing, duplication, and definition of networked devices. Create device templates, including points, trend definitions, and other features for common equipment on a project

    Create re-usable Components – allowing you to define you own standard code libraries for future work Import and Export information to CSV format for editing in popular spreadsheet programs

  • Auto-Generation of HTML5 Environments
    Using information you have defined, ASPECT-Studio will auto-generate an HTML5 experience, allowing popular mobile devices to access device, point, and historic data (trend, alarm, reports)

    Requires minimal to no extra configuration to enable access Works not only with popular mobile devices, but also with standard desktop browsers that support HTML5.

  • Supported by all ASPECT solutions


Aspect-Studio Screenshot 01

ASPECT-Studio is used to develop both global area control logic (including alarming, trending, scheduling, etc.) as well as rich GUI pages viewable with any standard web browser. Many intuitive features for easy programming and development are available, including:

  • a comprehensive graphics library featuring over 5,000 images including sections of ductwork, valves and fans, all the way up to boilers, chillers and AHUs
  • natively built-in simulation environment for testing applications prior to deployment
  • high-level inspection features for finding and troubleshooting information in large projects
Aspect-Studio Screenshot 02

Using Cylon Auto-Matrix's next generation block programming language ViPR (Visual Programming Resource), any control scheme can be accomplished by simply linking blocks together in a flow-based method. This approach allows even novice programmers to design applications without having to write and debug line-by-line programming.

For advanced programmers, Cylon Auto-Matrix does support client-side based JavaScript blocks to allow free programming of sequences.

System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements
Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Hardware 2 Ghz or higher CPU (dual or multi-core recommended)
Browser Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
USB Port Dongle licenses are no longer required in ASPECT. Users can now request a new software license for ASPECTStudio from Cylon, and once installed ASPECT-Studio can run in Dongle Free mode. ASPECT-Studio continues to support the Dongle License model using the Sentinel SafeNet dongle. If you have a valid Dongle License file and a working dongle, it will continue to function as it did for pre-Dongle-Free versions of ASPECT-Studio
Network Availble Ethernet port
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