ASPECT®-Enterprise is a server-based variant that provides all of the powerful features of ASPECT®, but is installed on specified server hardware. As this solution is hosted by the end-user, it requires no proprietary hardware, but requires the purchase of ASPECT®-Enterprise software. This allows the ease of on-site installations and fewer restrictions on requirements. In addition, it integrates with popular Internet programs to allow end- users more freedom. With ASPECT®, your PC, tablet, or smart device can integrate with your building easily and efficiently.

When installed on a platform running VMware ESXi software, ASPECT®-Enterprise provides the scalability and security to meet the requirements of almost any size of project.


A capacity based licensing model makes ASPECT®-Enterprise server software scalable for medium to large buildings applications, including a campus environment.

ASPECT®-Enterprise is capable of supervisory-based control functions including but not limited to energy management routines, custom sequencing, alarm and event annunciation, historical alarming and trending, and master control scheduling. Additionally, streaming of live connected data is displayed rich HTML5 graphics using a web browser.

ASPECT® uses secure web technologies to enrich the user experience through common internet applications for alarm annunciation and scheduling. Receive alarms either from the integrated alarm console or through e-mail clients, or Twitter®. Schedule your building equipment through an integrated scheduler or by using common scheduling platforms such as Microsoft® Outlook®, Apple iCal, Google Calendar™.


Recommended System Requirements

  • Dual 2.8Ghz Quad Core or 6-Core CPUs (Intel or AMD)
  • 16GB System Memory
  • 250GB+ SATA or SAS RAID Array (RAID 1 with hot spare suggested)
  • Supported 10/100/1000 MB Ethernet Adapter (Intel or Broadcom® suggested)
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • Available USB port for Software License Key

VMware Platforms Supported

  • VMware ESXi v5.0 or newer

Virtualisation Image Provisions

  • Enterprise Class Linux OS
  • Embedded MySQL Database Server
  • ASPECT® Runtime Engine

Setup & Configuration

  • Software ASPECT®-Studio
  • Browser Standard web browsers that support HTML5, including: Internet Explorer 8/9/10/11, Firefox, Opera 12, Safari 6, and Google Chrome
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