ASPECT® 3.02 is Here!

American Auto-Matrix Raises the Technological Bar with version 3.02

NEW ASPECT® 3.02 is here!

Cylon Auto-Matrix has again raised the bar with the Award-winning ASPECT®

The new ASPECT® 3.02 offers quality enhancements including improved usability and utility. Updates include advanced user interfaces, from single equipment to complete views of a BAS. ASPECT® 3.02 enhances mobility with its responsive, HTML 5 interface, for an optimal experience across different user devices. Updates have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of building owners, real estate developers, system integrators, facility managers and building occupants and allows users to view and modify information including trends, setpoints, schedules and more from their Building Automation System on the fly with their iOS and Android web-enabled smart devices, as well as from any browser.


Features of ASPECT® 3.02 updates include improved usability, a value-added and simplified licensing module, flexible configurations, software integrations integration system and application data that allows the creation of building operations easier to monitor, manage and optimize. Serving buildings of all sizes globally, our comprehensive ASPECT® 3.02 building solution simplifies integration by using a secure platform that easily scales to meet application requirements for today and tomorrow.

New Features Include:

  • User Experience - Improved usability and utility. Includes advanced user interfaces, from single equipment to complete views of a BMS
  • Flexible - Meeting the unique needs of your building.
  • Support - Revised QA process to removed bugs and improve performance.
  • Non-intrusive - Wireless technology for minimal disruption.
  • Easy retrofit - Easy install – no new wiring.
  • Efficient - Tailored to your unique requirements.
  • Scalable - Open standards future-proof your investment.
  • Compatibility - Compatible with Matrix and Nexus platforms to support a range of buildings, from skyscrapers to smaller multi-site applications.

Other product features include:

  • Online Configuration
  • Context-aware Interface
  • Enhanced Notifications Services 
  • Productivity Enhancements


  • Cost-effective. Low installation costs and quick ROI.
  • Low fixed costs for small and medium buildings.
  • Full-featured automation for HVAC, lighting, and metering.
  • Fully programmable with remote access for a wide variety of applications.
  • Scalable and future-proof with BACnet® and Modbus integration.

ASPECT® 3.02 Award-Winning Features

Schedule Without Compromise

Schedule your buildings through programs such as Microsoft Outlook (2007 and later), Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and any of over 40 other programs that utilize the iCalendar protocol. With ASPECT® 3.02 software you can schedule a room in your building for a meeting, a workday, or weekend occupancy, without the need to access a proprietary scheduling tool.

Internet down? Don't worry, should your building lose internet connectivity, ASPECT® 3.02 will still maintain the last received schedule until connectivity is restored and new changes are made.

With ASPECT® 3.02 you can schedule a resource for a meeting in your corporate calendar and the building will automatically adjust for the occupancy of that zone. No need to worry about turning things on or off. Just plan your meeting and Aspect will do the rest.

Dependable Data Management

Store and retrieve all building data through MySQL® or other databases. This allows for data to be mined easily and effectively through familiar programs like SAP® Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel®. With advanced audit trail functionality, reports can be generated to not only show energy trends, but reasons for anomalies in the data as well as what user was responsible for any changes.

Information Anytime, Anywhere

ASPECT® 3.02 allows you to access your building information on the go through RSS feeds, Twitter and email. Through your phone, tablet, or laptop you can access pertinent information wherever you are.

With RSS feed technology you can receive a plethora of information including energy data directly to your email or smart device. Receive notifications on alarms or statuses of your building system on your smartphone. Have reports emailed to you at the end of the day in the comfort of your home. These are just a few of the convenient ways that ASPECT® 3.02 brings information straight to you.

ASPECT® 3.02 can get important information to any level of user quickly through the programs and apps you use every day. By simply sending an SMS to 40404 and "Follow" a specific building or zone, a user can leverage Twitter to receive a building's Tweets and get up-to-date information.

Automation That Thinks for You

Manage energy consumption with XPath®. Data from XML tables can be integrated to create more dedicated and automated control. For example, weather services from sites like Yahoo!® Weather, and can be utilized to manage building routines based on predicted weather patterns. Services like Google Latitude™ can be used to let your building know when you have entered or left the proximity of a building and automatically adjust setpoints or manage lighting.

Weather data can be integrated into ASPECT® 3.02 and used to predict energy loads and building automation requirements. Unseasonal weather patterns can result in the building changing its routines accordingly to ensure optimal comfort and energy usage.

An ASPECT® For Every Size Facility


Installed on specified hardware, ASPECT®-Enterprise is hosted by the end user and installed on specified hardware to provide the capability, specifications, and security to meet any project at an affordable price

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Designed to provide you with traditional control features as well as custom programming, Matrix Series provides you with a flexible area control solution for your building automation system

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NEXUS Series

The NEXUS is an IoT (Internet of Things) embedded ASPECT® Control Engine designed to provide flexible site control applications for medium to large scale building automation systems.

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