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Mercy Hospital Jefferson

A Smart Building Solution for Effective Healthcare

Serving millions of patients annually, the Mercy Health System is the sixth largest Catholic health care system in the United States. A member of this group, Mercy Hospital Jefferson is located 30 miles south of St. Louis and consists of 8 buildings that include a 250-bed acute care facility and 24-hour emergency room care along with a full range of diagnostic, preventative and restorative health care services.


The hospital needed a powerful building automation system that offered an easy to use interface, graphical trending & alarming capabilities, as well as mobile functionality. Mercy Hospital Jefferson already had experience with Cylon Auto-Matrix products, as the facility has been using various controls for over 15 years. To continue forward with the project, the hospital turned to Integrated Facility Services, a Missouri-based System Integrator, for help in bringing their project to fruition.


After working together to identify the specific needs of the health care facility, Integrated Facility Services and Mercy Hospital Jefferson realized all of their needs would be met with ASPECTFT.

The system upgrade consisted of an ASPECTFT-Enterprise front-end, an ASPECTFT-Matrix, 8 MatrixPNCs, and over 530 various controllers. The hospital relies heavily on these devices functioning properly and effectively as various operating rooms, intensive care units, decontamination rooms, patient rooms, and offices require both comfortable and safe environments.

Scheduling via the iCalendar integration in ASPECTFT is able to assist Mercy Hospital Jefferson with lead / lag manipulation. Often times, 24/7 facilities have multiple pieces of equipment for the same purpose to keep one device from doing all the work. By setting up a scheduling system, technicians can now be emailed alarms to help control wear and tear on equipment, allowing them to address concerns before they begin to affect patients. This plays a huge role in energy management also, as custom schedules can be made to operate the devices as needed and helping the hospital increase their energy efficiency.

Pairing the multitude of features and resources available with ASPECTFT and the ease of use of ASG’s interface design provided the customer an easy transition to the new installation. Upon completion, the ASPECTFT map contained a total of over 10,000 points.


The mission of Mercy Hospital Jefferson is to provide compassionate care and exceptional service. Implementing ASPECTFT has helped Mercy to continue to achieve their mission by providing a solution that can maintain a safe and effective working environment for a facility that is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


  • 530 AAM Controllers
    • ASPECTFT-Enterprise
    • ASPECTFT-Matrix
    • MatrixPNC
    • SBC-GPC2
    • SBC-GPC3
    • SBC-VAV
    • Legacy AAM Controls
  • Points: 10,000
  • Protocols : BACnet and PUP
  • 8 Buildings
    • Main Hospital
    • Emergency Department
    • Radiology / Onocology Building
    • Surgical Center
    • Medical Office Center North
    • Medical Office Center South
    • Laundry Facility
    • Headquarters
(724) 733-2000
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