MatrixPNC : PUP Network Controller

PUP Network Controller

The MatrixPNC is a dual port, IP enabled network controller with full SPL support, allowing IP connectivity using SoloPro and Aspect devices. The MatrixPNC is programmable using SoloPro for Windows. It contains 98, 64k Program Regions and 255 PUP Persisted Values which can be accessed from any other Web Enabled device in your topology as well as other peer-to-peer capable PUP devices connected to the EIA-485 network of the MatrixPNC.

The MatrixPNC has been intentionally designed to lower engineering time when replacing SageMAX with Aspect. This is accomplished by allowing SPL to be ported from a Sage to the MatrixPNC. Using SoloPro, you can recompile the existing programs to work in the MatrixPNC. This will reduce the amount of time re-designing your existing logic in Aspect and will allow you to fast track the upgrade.


  • PUP Data Routing
    Available in a dual port model, the MatrixPNC provides RS-485 to TCP/IP data routing; supporting AspectFT server based products.

    Allows engineering tools such as SoloPro to connect to the PNC itself, as well as SOLO and SBC field devices, across LAN/WAN/Internet connections if necessary.

    Routes to EIA-485 devices downstream from Aspect area controllers as well as other MatrixPNC devices.

  • SPL Programs (98 total)
    Each block supports up to 64kb per program, providing BASIC style programming capabilities.

    Provides backwards compatibility for previously written SageMAX SPL program strategies; reducing the need to re-write established logic.†

    The ability to read/write information from remote PUP devices connected to remote MatrixPNC devices, or even Aspect devices.

  • Persisted Values (255 total)
    Each MatrixPNC supports up to 255 persisted values configurable for any PUP data type.

    Accessible by SPL, as well as other peer-to-peer capable PUP devices connected to the MatrixPNC.

    Persisted values can be configured to store their values across reboots, or to clear upon reboot.

† MatrixPNC is based on a combination of GPC & Sage SPL programming logic. Some rewriting of SPL may be necessary.


Processor ARM Cortex-A8 1GHz
RAM 512 MB / 2 GB Flash
Enclosure Injection molded
Ethernet Network
Termination Count 1 connection
Connection Type RJ-45
Speed 10/100 MB auto-sensing
Connection Type 3 position
Termination Count 2 EIA-485 ports (model dependent)
Baud Rates 9.6, 38.4, 57.6, 76.8, 115.2 (kbps)
Termination 249 Ohm, switch selectable
Biasing 3.32k, switch selectable
LED indication for TXD, RXD, Byte-Error, Parity-Error
Protocol American Auto-Matrix PUP Protocol
Network Load license enforced, up to 64 devices per port
Software & Configuration
Software SoloPro v2.8 or higher
Browser Standard web browsers that support HTML5 include: Internet Explorer 8/9/10, Firefox, Opera 12, Safari 6, and Google Chrome
Power Requirements
Power Source 11-29 VAC/VDC, 50/60 Hz, 2.7 A max
Connection 2 position
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature 50˚ F to 104˚ F (10˚ C to 40˚ C)
Operating Humidity 0 to 80% relative humidity non-condensing
Dimensions 6.7 x 6.5 x 1.5 in. (not including shipping material)
Mounting DIN rail
Agency Approvals
CE Approved
FCC - Class A Computing Device; Part 15
UL Listed 916 - Management Equipment, Energy (PAZX)
cUL Listed - Management Equipment, Energy Certified for Canada (PAZX7)

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