Integra Supervisor AX

Integra Supervisor AX

Integra NiagaraAX Network Server

The Integra Supervisor software provides for maintaining a network of multiple Integra stations in either local or remote fashion. The software is a dynamic network server providing intuitive graphical information displays to any standard web browser. Through the use of an Archon database, the software also provides server-level functions such as centralized data storage for alarms, histories/trends, system-wide database management, as well as integration with enterprise class software applications.


  • Comprehensive graphical engineering tools set for application development and updating
  • Provides a graphical user interface to local or remote connections using a Java-enabled user interface, as well as a non-Java user interface
  • Supports an unlimited number of web clients over a LAN/WAN connection with a standard web browser (dependent on host PC resources)
  • Full HTML-based help system that includes comprehensive online system documentation
  • Provides complete audit trailing and action archiving of database changes, maintenance and other control routines performed by the system
  • Optional direct Ethernet based support for open systems including BACnet/IP, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, and OPC through purchasing appropriate drivers
  • Intuitive security and password protection using industry standard Java authentication and encryption techniques with optional support via an external LDAP connection

Supervisor Provisioning Service

Provisioning, a service available within Integra Supervisor, provides automation of platform related tasks to remote Integra stations inter-connected on your network. With this service, users can schedule jobs to back up Integra stations, copy specific files to a station, and install software when upgrades are available or when a new module is required. The service provides an intuitive Job Builder, allowing for easy setup and configuration of Provisioning Services.

Integra Supervisor AX


System Requirements
Operating System Windows XP Pro or greater - Microsoft IIS must be enabled - Platform must be dedicated ti Integra Supervisor
CPU Greater than 2 GHz
Memory 1GB min RAM, 2GB recommended for larger systems
Hard Drive 20GB min HDD, more recommended for larger archival requirements
Ethernet Ethernet adapter (10/100 MB with RJ-45 connector)
Special Notes
In order to use Niagara Supervisor AX, each Integra controller must have the Enterprise Connectivity Pack feature licensed
Information on the Niagara 4 version of Integra Supervisor can be found on here : PDF Datasheet

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