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Building upon the features and enhancements of ASPECT 3.0, Cylon Auto-Matrix has listened to, and taken feedback from you to deliver an updated version of our award-winning building automation front end solution.

With version 3.01, Cylon Auto-Matrix has again raised the technological bar, by listening and taking your feedback to improve on our already robust system.
ASPECT 3.01 offers enhanced capabilities including:

  • Distributed/Supervisor Functionality -  Trends in ASPECT® Satellites and UC controllers can now be embedded in the ASPECT® Supervisor’s map and accessed in the same way as local Trends within the ASPECT® Supervisor.

Remote Schedules in ASPECT® Satellites, BACnet devices and UC controllers can now be accessed in the same way as local Schedules within the ASPECT® Supervisor. Settings from a master Schedule can be copied to many remote Schedules in a single Bulk Change action.

  • Security Enhancements - The ASPECT® HTML5 UI can now be configured to use SSL encryption, giving a secure HTTPS browser connection, and avoiding the security warning messages that are now common in major browsers.

ASPECT® can now authenticate users with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP.

  • Improved Traceability Tools - The ASPECT® Audit trail now has a “disposition” property associated with every event, so that a user-generated log message can be stored to explain why an event occurred,

Newly-added Change of Value (CoV) custom trending allows points to be logged more frequently when required, and to record alarm occurrences. Both of these enhancements can assist clients in building a system that complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11

  • Engineering Center integration - An engineered Unitron Site can be exported from Engineering Center in a single operation, and imported into ASPECT®, requiring minimal configuration.
  • Bulk setpoint and schedule change - Setpoints and Schedules can be copied from an ASPECT® Supervisor to many Setpoints and Schedules throughout one or more Sites at once.
  • Modbus in the Map -Modbus devices can now be configured from inside the ASPECT® Map for simpler configuration and better integration with the BEMS.
  • Graphics enhancements (field alignment) -Items in an ASPECT® graphic can now be aligned automatically to simplify layout.

ASPECT 3.01 allows users to view and modify information including trends, setpoints, schedules and more from their Building Automation System on the fly with their iOS and Android web-enabled smart devices, as well as from any browser. Site dashboards are easily user-customizable, allowing equipment, schedules, trends and more to be added as favorites for quick access.

Once deployed these projects can be modified and expanded via browser for fast and convenient system changes without needing a dedicated software application. ASPECT 3.1 also incorporates enhancements including embedded scheduling tools, pre-configured application templates, a new push notification system, professional embedded graphics library, and much more!

What's New in 3.1

New Dashboard Interface

    • HTML5 interface requires no additional plugins. Works with any standard web browser on your Windows or MAC computer as well as Android, Apple and any other mobile device with a web browser
    • Enhanced context sensitivity allows you to quickly jump from a point or controllers to graphics and trends quickly. This requires no additional work to engineer from the preconfigured templates
    • Any point, controller, trend, or graphic can be selected as a favorite for quick access from the main page. These favorites are specific for a given login allowing each user to select the information that they find most important

HTML5 Graphics & Controller Templates

    • Created for AAM controllers configured for standard applications like VAV, packaged rooftop, fan coil units, and heat pumps
    • During discovery, Aspect automatically selects the appropriate controller template to use
    • Completely customizable to meet your specific needs

Enhanced Trending

    • Trend chart are automatically created for every controller added to the system
    • Trends can also be created on the fly right from the web interface and saved for later use
    • Easy access to export the data in CSV format for advanced analysis

Integrated Local Scheduling

    • Built-in option that doesn't rely on Internet connections to services like Google Calendar or iCal
    • Seamless integration to equipment control strategies
    • Embedded solution provides an additional solution to schedule building occupancy

  • Online Configuration - Edit map properties without redeployment
  • Context-aware Interface - Jump from an alarm entry right to the device in alarm in one click
  • Enhanced Notifications Services - Send notications to mobile and desktop platforms via Pushover service
  • Productivity Enhancements - Reduce project engineering time with improved Aspect-Studio tools


Is ASPECT 3.1 compatible with all ASPECT hardware platforms?
The ASPECT 3.1 release is only available for 64-bit Nexus/Facility/Enterprise and Matrix MAX (Matrix MAX / eSC-MAX) platforms. ASPECT-Enterprise installations installed before 2012 are 32-bit based but can be converted to a 64-bit by contacting Cylon Auto-Matrix for new VM image. Legacy ASPECT-Matrix and ASPECT-Facility (pre-2012) products are not able to support the new ASPECT 3.1 features. However, ASPECT 3.1 devices can still communicate with the older 2.x hardware for remote networks.

Does the new HTML5 interface replace the older “Automagic” interface?
No - the Automagic interface is still available. The new HTML5 interface is primarily targeted at more devices with larger screens.

How much project engineering is required to enable the new HTML interface?
Existing Map-based projects will be automatically upgraded during deployment allowing users to immediately take advantage of many of the new features.

New features for the HTML interface, such as schedules and graphics, can be created after upgrading to ASPECT 3.1 and applied to the existing project.

Will my existing Java applications be converted to HTML graphics?
No. The HTML graphics are substantially different content than the Java graphics and it is not possible to automatically convert to the new format. Any Java applet content will continue to function and can still be edited with ASPECT-Studio 3.1.

Where is the ASPECT-Matrix MAX installer package?
ASPECT devices are now updated using a single installer bundle for all supported platforms.

ASPECT 3.1 is a game changer.
Cylon Auto-Matrix has built on their Map technology in such a way that so much of the work is now being done for you! </>

The new dashboard built by the Map is sleek, easy to use, and most important, mobile friendly! It gives us the ability to set customized dashboards that allow users to quickly view the equipment and data that is most important to them. ASPECT 3.1 is a solution that all levels of end users will feel comfortable using on a daily basis.

Chris Ruth
Chris RuthBuilding Automation Specialist - Integrated Facility Services

Upgrade Notes

Upgrade files can be found on the Dealer Toolbox under Product Support>Software Updates.

Due to the amount of new features and resolutions contained within v3.1, the full list of release notes as well as the ASPECT 3.1 Migration Guide that includes the above FAQs as well as an Upgrade Checklist can be found on the Dealer Toolbox under Product Support>Products>Documentation


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